Are you ready to get that lean body you desire? Are you looking for some inspiration and ideas to maintain your enthusiasm and help guide you along your muscle building journey? Look no further, I'm Lara and I'm here to share my experiences and motivate you along your journey.

I set out to get lean in January 2016, I'd been going to the gym regularly for just over a year so my fitness was at a good standard but I'd never seen any real results. I work in an office Monday - Friday so I make sure my evenings and weekends are as active as can be! I decided I would increase my exercise workouts and do more weight training to get lean. I soon realised I also needed to change my lifestyle and diet to get the results I needed. It's true what you've heard - abs do start in the kitchen! I enforced a clean eating plan - incorporating more protein into my diet and only eating the following; fruit and veg, natural fats, unprocessed carbs and lean meat.

I'm part way through my own mission and I've already got lots to share with you. My blog - Get Lean with Lara is filled with recipes for clean eating, motivational tips and inspiration to keep you focused on your goal - getting lean. This blog is for women who share my goal - to get lean, eat clean and love life!

Facts about me

I grew up in Buckinghamshire (UK)
I went to university in Plymouth
I live with Alex, my boyfriend of 8 years
I have a beagle called Millie
I'm a home owner
I enjoy holidays, reading and cooking

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