What is Clean Eating and Why is it Important?

Clean eating to me is a healthy lifestyle change not a diet. To 'eat clean' means to eat only whole unprocessed foods in their most natural state. The reason clean eating shouldn't be viewed as a diet is because you are not eliminating any particular food group or restricting portion sizes. Instead you are eliminating certain foods which have been processed, are unnatural, refined and generally deemed unhealthy. Eating clean has great health benefits and gives you the fuel you need to get lean. Since adopting this lifestyle change I have lots more energy for my workouts, my metabolism has sped up, I feel happier and confident about my body. 


To help you determine which foods/ingredients in particular are associated with clean eating, I have made a list for each food group. I have also listed those foods which should be avoided if you want to take clean eating seriously. That said to keep you on track I suggest you allow yourself one 'cheat meal' per week where you can eat anything from the avoided list. In my experience this helps to keep you sane and focused on the lifestyle change but also means you don't have to restrict yourself 24/7 and can enjoy social events etc.

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Clean Eating Food List

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