Hi, my name’s Lara, welcome to my blog – Get Lean with Lara. The last two month’s I’ve been on a bit of a journey, an ongoing journey to get lean and I wanted to share my thoughts and suggestions with others who seek the same goals or just generally want to change their lifestyle.

My Story

I’d been going to the gym regularly since October 2014 although I’ve never had any firm goals other than to get my body fitter and stronger. I was losing weight from doing too much cardio which wasn’t what I wanted. Two months ago I got a new workout programme mapped to build my muscles, and set myself a fitness goal – to get lean and get a six pack. I’d heard that getting a six pack is often more difficult for woman to achieve than men, which has made me even more determined to meet my goals!

In my quest for a six pack I have upped my gym sessions to 5 per week, consisting of two different workout programmes focusing on arms, legs and abs plus one session of cardio.  I have also dramatically changed my diet to a clean eating plan to incorporate more protein, fruit and veg and generally only eating non processed (clean) foods. To keep my focus and diet on track I am allowing myself one ‘cheat meal’ per week where I can eat anything I fancy that isn’t on the diet plan. By changing my lifestyle in this way I have formed a ‘two pack’ which I’m very proud of, I have lots of information to share with you and some great recipes that I’ve found too.

Eat clean, get lean & love life

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Welcome to Get Lean With Lara

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